America Today

Well, guess what folks, Our country is dam well in a mess isn't it? We have allowed this disgrace to happen. Why? We became lax and lazy. Too trusting in the elected officials to do their job. We allowed 537 elected officials to use their positions, power and personal connections to corrupt our basic form of government to the point that now it is rotten to the core, and now the deep state shadow government, left wing liberals, so called progressives, and believers in big brother government are tearing our country apart.  

Where is the America of my generation? Why have WE allowed this to happen to her? Who is to blame for the state SHE is in? I ask these questions in hope that like minded citizens will take a moment to seriously think about the direction our country is going. To think about how we, as citizens are can and are going to do about the mess we are in.

I am just a small time blogger. One who has been out of the blogger loop for a long period of time. But now I feel that I must voice my personal concerns in hope that I can reach out to those who feel that big government has crossed the line in our everyday lives and needs to reined in.

This initial blog will be just the first of more to follow. It is meant to be a warning, to raise awareness and, hopefully create a ground swell of opposition, no matter how small, that will not only oppose this attempted power grab vocally, but be willing to oppose this movement by whatever means that is necessary to protect our rights as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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